Letter from Jeff Riley, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Do you think good ideas have persistence? I do.

As is referenced elsewhere in this newsletter, the Friends Foundation held our annual Booklovers Ball two weeks ago, and we had fun exploring the idea that “Public” is our middle name.

City Librarian Michelle Jeske shared her thoughts about this by saying that this Public idea means that the public is at the center of everything the library does. She further stated:

Denver Public Library is here for you, and we’re here for your neighbor. It means we’re here for the person who voted differently than you. We’re here for the family who moved here from another country, and we’re here for the person who doesn’t have a home. We’re here for little babies and their grandmas. And we’re here for people who need to find their next great book, and we’re here for people who need help finding a job.

The public library is here for you. Everyone is welcome. That seems simple, but it’s not. It’s profound. It’s unique. And it’s special. Especially during times like these. We need institutions that support the common good, like the library, now more than ever. 

The idea about the public nature of the library is not a good idea, it’s a great one, and it has persistence. The library has been serving Denver for 131 years. While the last 18 months have been a great challenge, no matter which “public” you are a member of – the library is open and ready to help you.

Another way to look at this good idea is quantitatively. Did you know that for each dollar spent on public libraries in Colorado, approximately $5 goes back to the community?* Try DPL’s ROI calculator to learn your personal library return on investment!

If this good idea or if this ROI analysis inspires you, please consider one of the following ways to support the library through the foundation.

So far in 2021, you’ve shown us that DPL matters to you and our community. This was evident at our Booklovers Ball. It was championed by the 237 people who became Friends Foundation members this year. And it shone brightly last month through the more than 25 adults who graduated high school through the library’s Career Online High School program.

I am grateful for the persistence of the good idea of Denver Public Library. I hope that you are too. To learn more about how the Friends Foundation transforms donations into library programs and services that change lives for the better, please reach out to us or visit our website.


* Source: https://www.lrs.org/documents/closer_look/roi.pdf?lrspdfmetric=no