What does the Friends Foundation do?

The Denver Public Library Friends Foundation enriches our community by building support and raising money to enhance the library's programs and services.  Our donors and volunteers come to events, run a bookshop and an online bookselling operation, sort donated books and serve on our Board of Trustees. Every dollar and every hour given is critical to the library programs we support. A few ways in which donations are used:

  • Summer of Adventure, which attracts over 20,000 children and teens throughout the summer, helps children continue to explore learning experiences during the months when many lose ground in their education.
  • Read Aloud, which sends volunteers to read in over 365 preschool classrooms in at-risk neighborhoods, is part of a community effort to encourage literacy at an early age. It's also really fun!
  • The Western History and Genealogy Department digitization project, bringing thousands of historical documents online, is a quintessential part of the preservation of our history.
  • Purchasing materials for our makerspaces, or ideaLABs, where library visitors can record songs, sew, use tools and build circuits.

Visit our Financials page to learn more.

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