Boost Your Branch: Schlessman Library Needs YOU!

One of DPL's most popular branch libraries is in need of renovation! The renovations will include an improved community room on the first level, a brand-new teen space, a larger children's library, and enhancements throughout the library that make spaces easier to access and use.

Though the renovation was initially funded in 2017 through a city bond, increased construction and labor costs and inflation require additional funding to complete the project.


"We need intellectually engaged citizens more than ever. And we need community gathering places more than ever. Libraries provide both."

Phil Weiser, Colorado Attorney General

Fun Facts About Schlessman:

  • The branch opened March 2022 during a huge blizzard.
  • In 2023, Schlessman had the second-highest visits of all 27 DPL branches, with 149,960 visits.
  • The branch serves a diverse community and offers programs for older adults, youth, and immigrants.

Renovation Plans:

  • Improved community room on the first level
  • Brand-new teen space and larger children's library
  • Enhancements throughout that make spaces easier to access and use
  • Upstairs staff work space will be a public space again
  • Fundraising Goal: $1,100,000
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Young woman and older male adult holding up photographs