Be An Advocate for DPL

Denver deserves a robust library system. To make this happen, DPL needs your voice and your vote to secure funding sources.

Beyond fundraising for the books and library programs you love, the Friends Foundation also advocates for robust funding for all 26 library branches. Often working behind the scenes, we champion the library’s cause to secure continued public investment to keep DPL strong. You can help!

To elevate the library’s voice, our Advocacy Committee coordinates efforts to speak up about significant issues regarding library funding. Sometimes the Friends Foundation will take a position on a legislative matter and encourage library supporters to take action. At present, we are urging library fans to vote in November in support of facilities funding for the RISE Denver bondThis bond measure would construct two new branch libraries and renovate a third in historically underserved neighborhoods of Westwood, Globeville and Hampden.

Get involved! Contact us and request advocacy updates to stay informed.

Want to do more? Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and share our advocacy alerts to champion the value of the library with your networks. Lastly, speak up with your vote. Remember to show your support for Denver Public Library when you vote on November 2!