The best part about the What Denver Reads series is the fascinating people we get to meet. Stewart Tucker Lundy, #wheelchairbosslife, is proud to be named for his grandmother, the first black school principal in Miami-Dade County, Florida. He describes himself as a “nosy guy”, curious about everyone and everything. His work, activities and accomplishments demonstrate his desire to learn and connect. He serves on the Board of the Directors for Disability Law Colorado, Colorado Photographic Art Center and Rocky Mountain Human Services. He advises the City of Denver on a number of issues including the Rise bond, transportation, and accessibility for people with disabilities. He’s an actor, writer, photographer, and has his own production company Perspective Media. He’s currently getting into XR – Extended Reality - technology and its prospects for education. He described the technology as “next level” and as with so much of his other work, he is pushing to make it equitable.

In our interview, Stewart wished for 25 hours in the day. Taking time to get to know someone, committing the time to hear their story, is what he values. He explained that the most interesting person is the quiet, reserved one who doesn’t say too much. “To use the book metaphor, if we judge a book by its cover, we are likely to missread. Get to know the Strangers. We know we have differences, and that is where the conversation begins. Let’s talk about how we can agree and get out of our comfort zones.” When asked how he is so successful at making connections, he explained that a simple smile and acknowledgment is all it takes to begin a conversation. “Everyone just wants to be acknowledged.” Judging from his following on Instagram and his website, and how he is warmly greeted wherever he goes, Stewart Tucker Lundy’s friendly message and his demonstration of making the most of life, resonates deeply. “Enjoy life,” he says. “It has an expiration date.”

Stewart visits Denver Public Libraries quite often. He enjoys the Phone-A-Stories, listening to them in between meetings.

What is the last great book you read, and what impact did it have on you? 

First Principles: What America's Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country is a nonfiction book by Thomas E. Ricks, published in 2020.

This particular book had a great impact on me because I had just finished watching Hamilton the stage play. It allowed me to see the founding fathers in a very different way.

What are you currently reading?  

I am currently reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s “Outliers.” I really enjoy him as an author; how he uses a lot of metaphors. It helps me to understand things better, obsessed.

What do you plan to read next?

Next on my reading list is actually an audiobook. I want to listen to the Bible, narrated by James Earl Jones, and obviously, the Bible is one of the most transforming pieces of literature. I want to read it/listen to it because it gives me a better understanding of the religion.

Who is your favorite author? Why does their writing speak to you?

Tom Clancy.  His writing indulges my secret spy fantasies.  🙂


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