Celebrate a loved one or dis an ex with DPLFF!

To receive a custom poem about someone in your life from local Denver poet R. R. Noall, make a suggested donation of $15 on or before Valentine's Day. Along with the donation, given using the form below, provide three words to describe your person. Noall will use those words to whip up a unique poem just for you!

You’ll receive your personalized poem via email as a feel-good gift to your loved ones or as a great laugh to memorialize a not-so-loved one on February 14.

Keep an eye on our social media on Valentine's Day to see the poems others have requested!

Follow us on social or email us at friends@denverpubliclibrary.org for more information!

To receive a poem without donating, please send your three words and email address to us via USPS at:
Denver Public Library Friends Foundation
10 W 14th Ave
Denver, CO 80204
Mailing needs to arrive to us before February 14, 2022.


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