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Stay Informed: Friends Foundation News Updates

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Your gift to the Friends Foundation in 2020 will support the inspiring work underway at the library, but did you know it could also reduce your taxable income even further than usual? Click below to learn more about these special incentives.

While the big book sales are on hold (no pun intended) because of COVID-19, our book sale program continues to pivot and grow in new ways. We recently launched an online bookshop - Red Chair Bookshop online! The online bookshop offers great deals on used books in all genres, including Colorado and western history, and cooking and literature. You can also purchase your favorite new titles. For inspiration, check out the latest book recommendations from the American Booksellers Association. 

Get your 2021 started with an inspiring and insightful conversation with James Beard award-winning author Adrian Miller. Join us Monday, January 11, at 5:30 p.m., for this special Books & Beyond virtual event. Donna Bryson, Denverite reporter and former AP journalist, will lead a discussion with Adrian Miller on his journey from attorney to author, exploring soul food traditions and the power of food for the soul.

DPL and DPLFF have come together to partner more closely and more intentionally this past year, and we plan to continue to do so. For library customers, this means you’ll see our branding side-by-side on different events throughout the year.

In light of our growing partnership, we are excited to announce two upcoming events in January.

2020 is almost over. Has a year-end ever been more desired? I’ve found it easy to think about all the bad, but can’t forget all the good. All the good healthcare workers. All the good essential workers. All who took steps to manage the pandemic. All the technology that has brought vaccines to us. All the voters who participated in the 2020 general election. All those who are taking steps to address social and racial justice. And all the good the library is doing.